The history of EXCELLENCE GROUP 1977 :  EXCELLENCE was established in Taipei, Taiwan as the first manufacturer of Sporting protectors in Taiwan 1987 :  EXCELLENCE expanded its business to Orthopedic Supports and founded CHIEF MEDICAL CO., LTD. 1991 :  The first outbound factory was established in Malaysia. 1995 :  The second outbound factory was established in Dongguan, China. The name of factory is PARK SPORTS. 1995 :  EXCELLENCE started the business with NIKE, the first type of product is Soccer Shin Guard 1999 :  Both factories in Taiwan and Malaysia were closed 2000 :  EXCELLENCE started Fitness accessories business with NIKE 2002 :  EXCELLENCE built NIKE production plant at PARK factory 2006 :  EXCELLENCE introduced LEAN manufacturing management into our factory to Increase productivity and efficiency 2007 :  EXCELLENCE merged COMAX SPORTING GOODS CO., LTD. and owned its factory of OAK SPORTS in Dongguan, China 2012 :  The third factory was built in ZhangJiaJie, Hunan, China. The factory name is EXCELLENCE-HUNAN. 2018 :  The first phase Vietnam factory located in Ho Chi Minh City is completed in July, 2018.